Web Avatars Can Increase Revenue
and Captivate Your Customers.

Web Avatar - Increase revenue with targeted internet advertising
and captivate your customers with patented rich video avatars.

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Web Avatar
Why can't your best representative communicate with all of your customers online as a virtual assistant? They can. patented video web avatar can sit on your website while answering questions, deflecting calls, and walking them through a process. Saving you time and reducing substantial costs to your call center. Our utilizes her interactions to gain customer knowledge while up selling and advertising to the customer. Increasing revenue and improving the customer experience.

Revolutionary New Customer Experience
No more frustrated customers, no more expensive calls, no more missed opportunities! revolutionary virtual avatars online are changing the way customers interact with websites and their purchase funnels. Our gets to know your customers and uses that information to advertise and up sell. Flying to Orlando with 2 kids? See a video of what's happening at Disney. Updating your life insurance? Maybe you should start looking into auto insurance for your 15 year old.

5 Extraordinary Web Avatar Benefits:

1. Body Language accounts for over 50% of communication. According to body language experts, words (the literal meaning) only account for 7% of the overall message. So if your website is primarily written text, you're leaving 90% of your message vulnerable to misinterpretation. However, by adding tone of voice (38%) and body language (55%) the message will be powerful and increase its effectiveness. Luckily, a video web avatar can showcase these attributes with every interaction. No more "lost in translation," just a captivated audience.

2. Multiple Senses mean multiple sales. It's no secret that multiple senses enhance a message. With audio and visual stimulants, video avatars will engage clients by adding that emotional connection. With more engaging interactivity, a video web avatar will capture 2- 3 times the customer knowledge of a standard avatar or virtual character. Customer knowledge is often the catalyst for transforming a potential prospect into a life long customer.

3. Customers like a Personality. Newsflash!... people buy from people they like. It's impossible to connect with a font or animated character the way we connect with a person. That's the power of a human web avatar. The ability to build a personality based on body language, clothes, accent, hair and most importantly... answers and interactions. Isn't time your website had a personality?

4. Brand Enhancement with every interaction. Why do celebrities and athletes make billions a year for product endorsements? If done correctly, tying a person to a product or service can greatly increase a brand. Michael Jordan's Air Jordan Shoes, Danica Patrick's GoDaddy Commercials and countless others. Why do these companies spend billions? Because it works. Adding a celebrity, athlete, doctor or any credible web avatar to your website will enhance your brand and build customer loyalty.

5. Trust is key. Trust is paramount in every customer interaction. If your customers don't trust you, you've lost them. A video web avatar adds a presence and personality to your website. Research shows that when personalities guide interactions, people trust the information more than in identical interactions without personalities. So if your customers are supplying payment information, personal information or any other sensitive material, video web avatars will ensure a "peace of mind" an improved customer experience.

Avatars expand beyond the web with virtual assistant software.