Virtual Assistant Software will
Save Time and Reduce Costs

Virtual Assistant Software- Increase revenue with targeted internet advertising
and captivate your customers with patented rich video avatars.

Virtual Assistant
The Virtual Assistant
Why can't your best representative communicate with all of your customers online? They can. patented video web avatar can sit on your website while answering questions, deflecting calls, and walking them through a process. Saving you time and reducing substantial costs to your call center. Our utilizes her interactions to gain customer knowledge while up selling and advertising to the customer. Increasing revenue and improving the customer experience.

Virtual Assistant - It's ALL About YOU!
Your very own Virtual Assistant! Remember the fax machine? What was before leaving a text message � voice mail? Sometime � coming very soon � everyone who lives a connected lifestyle will be able to delegate their everyday tasks to an intelligent virtual assistant that will coordinate, execute and simplify our lives. We will look back on these days and ask ourselves how we ever made it thru the day without our trusted assistants, the same way my kids ask in amazement about how we ever got things done before the Internet. Remember the HAL 9000? Remember KITT (the car)? Now looking beyond the theatrical and dramatic value of these ideas, the reality is simple � we need more TIME, and have always desired more help, less hassle, and higher productivity in our lives.

Are search engines the answer? Search engines are fantastic tools to help you find information on the Internet, but try personalizing a search engine � try making an appointment or responding to a question via a search engine. The idea of allowing someone to click on 10 blue links � isn't going to tell me your feelings on investing in APPL (the stock) in this environment � right now � and why � or even whether you�re available for a meeting today @ 2:00 pm?

We need software that is specifically designed to help YOU � a "You Engine" rather than a search engine: A virtual assistant. And the good news is the 80/20 rule. 80% of all the elements that most of us do in our lives are repetitive and totally predictable. Also � the ecosystem and technology needed to automate many of these tasks is here already. However, 80% of the information that we gain is gained 'peripherally.' And much of our personal information is gained thru body language and tone � making those 10 blue links a little bit tougher to handle.

But what if we add some intelligence. Add something to your life that will integrate into your life, get to know you, and be proactive. Your smart phone is already starting to work in that direction. There are hundreds of thousands of services, apps, and sites that help you find and do things on the web � the issue is that they are all 'fiefdoms' (islands) unto themselves � normally focused on a particular domain � and certainly unaware of what's going on around them � and often not willing to work together. The thought of haring' (data or content) is foreign � and all require time to 'discover' their individual nuances. The goal of the assistant is not only to unify these elements � making a more informed and better decision � but also to communicate these decisions to all concerned in a very 'You-esque' � fashion � potentially even thru Video!

More good news � simplicity causes increased user engagement and less clicks means more users, which also means more e-commerce! Think of asking your smart phone to find you all the videos where Tom Cruise was in a car chase, or where Barak Obama spoke on job creation. This change � evolution toward simplicity � will change everything you use your mobile device for � and it will change "You!"

The Smartphone is virtually always with you � offering "Right Person" � "Right Place" � "Right Time" with "Right Content." Couple this with simplicity, opportunity, understanding your preferences, allowing you more time, and you have a very explosive market opportunity indeed. In this market � everybody wins. You begin to manage your day much more efficiently and productively � with the many tasks being taken care of 'personally and visually' using your own personal-virtual assistant. Participation then drives discovery � more transaction � and more intelligent / increased consumption.

Your very own 'Avatar' � that captures an additional 200-300% more customer knowledge � and communicates via video � because 'body language' accounts for 55% of communication � and your tone of the response an additional 38% - leaving 'words/content' a mere 7% of the communication solution. No more 'lost in translation' � just a 'captivated audience.'

Your friends and associates like your personality � and people buy from people they like. Introducing a relationship to your communication experience will immediate increase clarity of message and correspondingly revenues.

Establishing trust is the key. Research shows that when personalities guide interactions, people are more trusting of the information. So if your customers are talking to you about payment information, personal information or any other sensitive material, your video 'personal assistant' will ensure a "peace of mind" and an improved customer experience.

Remember the next step in the journey is the "You Engine!"