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From IVR solutions to iPhone development, revolutionizes your
web, phone, and mobile communications with solutions that know your customers.

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Video Web Avatars
Why can't your best representative communicate with all of your customers online? They can. patented video avatars can sit on your website while answering questions, deflecting calls, and walking them through a process. Saving you time and reducing substantial costs to your call center. Our utilizes her interactions to gain customer knowledge while up selling and advertising to the customer. Increasing revenue and improving the customer experience. Learn more >

Virtual Assistant
Are search engines the answer? Search engines are fantastic tools to help you find information on the Internet, but try personalizing a search engine � try making an appointment or responding to a question via a search engine. The idea of allowing someone to click on 10 blue links � isn�t going to tell me your feelings on investing in APPL (the stock) in this environment � right now � and why � or even whether you�re available for a meeting today @ 2:00 pm? Learn more >
Text (SMS) and Mobile Avatars
It's official, your customers are sending more text messages than phone calls. Our can help you communicate with your customers on the medium they prefer most... their mobile phones. mobile products include SMS, iPhone and iPad applications. Our Mobile will save money, reducing calls and increase revenue with targeted location based advertising built directly within the conversation. Learn more >

iPhone SMS Alerts
iPhone, SMS Alerts, and notifications enable an SMS (text) message to be sent to an unlimited number of mobile phones� instantly. Provide organizational alerts and notifications to improve communication and customer support. Learn more >

iPhone and iPad Applications
offers a Civic Issues Reporting iPhone application that allows the ability to use an iPhone to document and transmit information to the City to report graffiti and numerous other types of location-comment-picture activities. Our application also allows the ability to process credit card payments over the phone. Learn more >
Interactive Voice Response
our patented intelligence engine takes one step beyond intelligent IVR, Our actually builds a relationship with your customer. As she collects customer knowledge, she proactively anticipates their actions, saving you time and money. Then, she helps the customer make intelligent decisions with her up sell and advertising engine. Learn more >

Call Tracking
captures all phone call tracking data, including marketing sources, customer names & addresses, and full digital call recordings. Our can even recapture leads by identifying missed calls and identify peak calling times. Learn more >

Call Recording
captures full digital call recordings of your phone calls, both inbound and outbound. But, what sets apart is advanced voice recognition technology that can automatically analyze call recordings for target keywords or emotions so you can identify problems and resolve them before a competitor does. Learn more >

Industry Specific Applications:
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