Revolutionary Phone Call Tracking
and Call Recording Software.

captures all phone call tracking data, including marketing sources,
customer names & addresses, and full digital call recordings.

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Phone Call Tracking Software
Tracking calls opens a window into your marketing & sales performance, allowing you to:
  • Know which Ads Worked, Which Ads Tanked, and Which Ads just Weren't Profitable Enough
  • Identify missed calls so you can recapture leads
  • Identify peak calling times so you can adjust staffing

Phone Call Tracking Software Optimizes Marketing in 5 Steps:
  1. Assign unique phone call tracking numbers to each marketing source
    • can even load unique call tracking numbers on your website to track calls back to search engine keywords

  2. Capture Call Data
    • Marketing Source
    • Customer Name, Address, & Phone #
    • Call Status: Answered, Busy, No Answer..
    • Estimated Demographic Data pulled from national Database
    • Digital Call Recordings in MP3 format

  3. Track which Leads Convert into Customers (optional)

  4. Review Marketing Performance
    • Cost Per Lead
    • Cost Per Customer
    • True Profit & ROI per Advertisement

  5. Optimize Marketing Mix by dropping unprofitable Ads & Channels

Industry Specific Applications:
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