IVR Solutions that Reduce
Call Center Costs, Conversationally.

IVR solutions will reduce call center costs and improve customer service
... all in a conversation.

Phone Products
Interactive Voice Response (IVR Solutions)
created an Intelligent IVR system with natural language interfaces that allow customers to find what they want just like they were talking to a human. Intelligent IVR Solutions integrate with existing databases and CRM systems, customize the user experience, and provide 24/7 Level 1 Sales & Support services.

Complimentary Services:

Call Tracking Software - automatically capture the names, #'s, addresses, and originating source for all incoming callers so you can track marketing performance.

Call Monitoring Assistant - use voice recognition software to identify frustrated customers, and inappropriate employee responses.

Lead Tracking Secretary - guarantee that Internet Leads receive an immediate phone response in under 3 minutes + consistent follow-up for all leads.

iVR Survey-r - survey your lost leads and customers to help you identify and correct problems within your organization.

ivr solutionsivr solutions

Press 1 to Lose Your Customer
"Agent! Agent! Agent!" IVR Solutions don�t have to be frustrating. takes a different approach to a process that's normally avoided by your customers. It's time to communicate better. Our not only builds a relationship with your customers by conversation based interactions, she solves their problems or directs them to the appropriate resource... automatically!

Intelligent IVR Solutions can perform both simple and advanced business functions:
  • Route Calls
    • Interactive Company Directory
    • Smart Routing of Problems
  • Provide Company Information
    • Hours
    • Directions
    • Store Locator
  • Update Client Account & Billing Information
  • Take Orders
  • Handle FAQ
  • Monitor & Transcribe Calls for Quality Assurance
  • Conduct Follow-up Surveys

Intelligent = Easy
  • Setup in Hours not Weeks
  • No Hardware
  • Fully Scalable
  • Unlimited Extensions & Mailboxes
  • Web Interface
  • Integrates with your existing systems for seamless implementation

Industry Specific Applications:
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