Powerful Solutions for IVR Outsourcing
that Reduce Call Center Costs

revolutionizes IVR Outsourcing using AI-
Artificial Intelligence to create custom virtual employees.

Phone Products
takes iVR Outsourcing literally...

...using Artificial Intelligence to create custom virtual employees:

  • Receptionist
    • Standard iVR routing & voicemail
    • After Hours call handling
    • Call Overflow
    • Information Assistance
      • Company Directory
      • Business Hours
      • Directions

  • Level 1 Support Assistant
    • Update Account Information
      • Billing & Payments
      • Contact Info
    • Basic FAQ

  • Level 1 Sales Assistant
    • After Hours Lead Capture
      • Contact Info
      • Product / Service Interests
      • Budget & Timeframe
      • Follow-up appointments entered directly into CRM
    • Product / Service FAQ

  • Lead Tracking & Follow-up
    • Get Sales on the phone with Internet Leads in under 3 minutes
    • Automatically follow-up with leads
    • Automate Service Reminders

  • iVR Survey-r
    • Automated Oubound iVR
      • CSI Surveys
      • Follow-up calls
      • Service Reminders
    • CRM Integration

  • creates Artificially Intelligent IVR Outsourcing

    's iVR technology leverages the world's most advanced voice recognition, natural language interaction, and Artificial Intelligence technologies - originally developed at Carnegie Mellon University. Our technological advantage lets us create the most cost effective and efficient iVR solutions on the market. Let design a custom iVR solution for your business that can not only route calls, but answer questions, and fulfill basic sales and support functions.

    's iVR Assistants make ideal employees:
    1. Work 24 / 7 / 365
    2. Learn with time and never forget
    3. Can always give the user the option to talk to a real person at the push of a button
    3 Reasons to use iVR Outsourcing:
    1. creates iVR Assistants that use natural language interaction, meaning they let users bypass phone trees and find what they want just like they were having a conversation with a real person
    2. Solutions integrate directly with CRMs and existing databases
    3. Assistants understand language and emotions, so they know when clients are having problems, and can get a live person on the line to resolve situations
    Industry Specific Applications:
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