Healthcare Call Center Software
Reduces Costs and Increases Patient Retention

Healthcare call center software from increases revenue and frees nurses
for more complex tasks. Our outbound IVR can even automate prescription refill.

Patient Knowledge
healthcare call center software is simple, web based and easy to use. All patient interactions are stored in our database and integrate with your existing clinical system in real time. Our uses this information to increase patient knowledge and deliver higher quality treatment. Learn more >

Healthcare Mobile Software
Government clients face many challenges: screening and gate- keeping processes, the need for budget stability, fraud prevention, providing safe and reliable healthcare, visa and mastercard services and social service transportation to their customer populations. We now offer software and tailored management of local transportation providers who provide the actual trip service. What does this mean? This means that we don't drive vehicles, so our interests align with those of our clients. Learn more >

Reduce Labor
Our reduces labor by automating tasks that would normally require an agent or representative. Our automates everything from reservations to appointment scheduling over the phone, online or via mobile device. nurses will save time, increase productivity and remain consistent. Learn more >

Pharmaceutical Distribution Software
Our Calling Technology is an interactive, automated outbound calling system used to contact pharmacy customers. This industry leading communication tool reduces time spent on the phone, time at will call and improves a pharmacy's efficiency. With this extra time, pharmacists are able to fill more prescriptions and develop lasting relationships with their patients. Learn more >
Patient Retention
Ask yourself, "when's the last time you called your patients, just to ask how they are feeling?" Our can automatically notify your patients, survey them, or even provide healthcare tips. Together, these services improve quality of patient care, retention, and increase pharmaceutical sales. Learn more >

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