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and Call Recording Software.

's Call Recording and Analysis Applications
Help to Immediately Identify Call Handling Problems

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Immediately Identify Call Handling Problems
captures full digital call recordings of your phone calls, both inbound and outbound. But, what sets apart is advanced voice recognition technology that can automatically analyze call recordings for target keywords or emotions so you can identify problems and resolve them before a competitor does.

's Call Recording Analysis allows you to:
  1. Bring problem calls to management's attention immediately
  2. See if your employees are asking the right questions
  3. Identify inappropriate questions and responses
  4. See how your employees deal with angry customers
How Call Recording Analysis Works:
  • uses advanced voice recognition technology to analyze calls for abnormal volume, tone of voice, and keywords
  • Flagged messages are automatically emailed to management in MP3 format
  • call recordings are transcribed so you can search calls for keywords
Use Digital Call Recording Analysis to:
  • Train your Sales or Support teams using real call recordings to teach the do's and don'ts with examples
  • Recapture mishandled leads
  • Process and collect past due payments over the phone
  • Identify angry and frustrated customers so you can solve their problems before someone else does

Industry Specific Applications:
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